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A customer centric landscape:
foundation of your success

Entering a new market, building a marketing plan or developing impactful communication often requires unveiling key customer dynamics and needs. sbg can help you better understand your customer landscape and develop a research plan with clear actionable outcomes. By pooling first class research talent we can assist you.…

When launching a new product and building positioning

Unveil customer unmet needs, identify rational and emotional benefits that best tie to your product, determine best brand promise and key messages, gain better understanding of key segment dynamics

When developing and executing communication strategies

Understand the motivations of your target audience, match messaging to customer needs and motivation, determine which messaging and language best support your brand promise

When maximizing new product uptake

Identify specific preferences and trade-offs your key accounts are willing to make when opting for your new product or technology. Map preferences and boost sales motivation by empowering your sales forces with key account specific action plans.