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Brand deployment sales training in today’s healthcare setting:
Helping you set new standards of performance

Do you want to build or reinforce the skills of your sales, marketing or clinical staff? Are you launching a new product and want to make sure that the field walks the talk? 

The sbg sales training value added

At sbg we do not provide off the shelf solution. We work with you to determine the best training approach to fit YOUR needs. This is because we believe that the suitability of a particular training approach is a function of two key factors: strategic fit (present and desired sales capabilities) and time & budget allocation (particularly training time out of field)

 We work works closely with the client’s marketing department to ensure that training content delivers strategic alignment with marketing prerogatives, positioning and key messaging

When exploring your training needs 

Whenever appropriate, sbg works with its training partner Forcefield training ( to provide solutions in the following areas: Selling Skills, Account Management, Leadership and Sales Management, Coaching, Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills, Social Styles, and Customer Service.

Trainings are available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch/ Flemish.

When launching a new product or service

sbg-Forcefield Training enables medical personnel to develop long-term partnerships with their customers around a Company’s solutions. Our sales training approach centres on allowing sales, marketing and clinical staff to:
•  Learn questioning skills to uncover customer needs
•  Sell solutions instead of products (product, clinical or marketing  service solutions)
•  Develop long term customer partnerships

The training places great focus on real life role plays designed in collaboration with management to ensure solid pragmatism and maximum buy-in. 

When needing a practical sales training solution

Customised role play is a fundamental part of all the sbg-Forcefield programmes and key to their success.  Delegates love role plays, as they are carried out in a comfortable atmosphere where they are able to learn and develop their skills.

All role plays are written around real-life customer situations and adapted for each country. Sales Management is involved in the process to ensure buy-in. Video can be used if requested and is always used for Presentation Skills training.